Shrewsbury Christadelphians conducted a Bible Truth Week 2019 during August and September, to help spread the Good News about Jesus Christ. We held events in both Shrewsbury Town Square and the Quarry, where we handed out free Bibles, leaflets, pamphlets and water bottles to anyone who wanted them. We also handed out a number of children’s Bibles.

As part of Shrewsbury Christadelphians Bible Truth Week, we gave four public talks, all of which took place at the Lion Hotel, Shrewsbury. The talks were all advertised locally and shown in the leaflets distributed around various areas of Shrewsbury. The speakers who gave the talks came from all parts of the country to share their messages of hope.

We had a Facebook page which contained details of all these talks as well as our regular Sunday afternoon Bible Truth talks (search for Shrewsbury Christadelphians).

Below are some photographs taken during Shrewsbury Christadelphians Bible Truth Week August 2019.


Below are recordings of the four Bible Truth Talks that took place at the Lion Hotel during Bible Truth Week…

Talk One (29/08/19)
What is the world coming to? Are we destroying the earth?

Bro. Mark Whittaker

Girl in woodland sitting on leaves in despair

Should you wish to know more about Bible Truth Week or any of the regular events we offer please get in touch with us via the Contact tab.

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