About us – Our name “Christadelphian” simply means “brothers (and sisters) in Christ”. We became known by this name almost 150 years ago. The somewhat ‘unusual’ name is used to try to encapsulate the importance of our relationship with Jesus Christ as well as with each other. Thus, we are all part of God’s family through Jesus Christ.

Shrewsbury Christadelphians have been worshipping in the town a long time, and currently we worship on the corner of Tankerville Street/Monkmoor Road (see the map below or click here to view a larger map). Please feel free to join with us if you are able. If you just wish to find out more about us, what we believe, how we worship, or just have a chat please browse our website or use the ‘Contact us’ page.

As a Christian community we endeavour to discover more about Bible Truth and do so by reading the whole of the Bible at least once a year, by following this planner. The most important thing we are praying for is the return of Jesus to this earth to establish God’s Kingdom, and to rule the whole world from Jerusalem, as foretold in the Bible Truth.

We believe that the “Holy Bible” is the only true revelation of God to mankind and that He (God) inspired certain people throughout the ages who wrote at His command. These writings have survived throughout the ages and have been assembled as one Holy Book. There is only one clear Bible Truth message contained throughout the book. That is God’s plan for this earth (established through Jesus Christ His Son), and how mankind can benefit from seeking God’s purpose in their own individual lives.


To know more about us in more detail, or to see/read our full “Statement of Faith” please follow the link shown at the foot of the sub-section.

We endeavour to follow the “Commandments of Jesus Christ” and his apostles as closely as possible. These can be found in the same document, by following the same link below.

There are several commonly-held Christian beliefs that we do not accept as having biblical authority, but have been introduced into religion by State and Church authorities. These are listed in our “Doctrines to be Rejected”. These again can be found by following the link.

Link for our “Statement of Faith”


Quite simply our aim in sharing God’s Bible Truth is to follow as closely as possible the teaching and example of Jesus, as recorded in the Holy Bible. Here are a few of our beliefs with some Bible passages for you to look at, which are relevant to the statement made.


Shrewsbury Christadelphians have been worshipping in the town for many years. In the early 1990’s we acquired this building on the corner of Tankerville Street/Monkmoor Road.

Once purchased we carried out a refurbishment to suit our requirements. This included bringing the toilets up to date and creating a kitchen area. Within the worshipping area, a suspended ceiling has been installed, which hides the height of the worship space to conserve energy. Many of the features on the building, both externally and internally, have been maintained even though as a religion we do not necessarily agree with their symbolism that they convey within the wider religious traditions.

The building is not actually listed by the Local Authority but is obviously of local historical significance especially the elevation facing Monkmoor Road, which has some original leaded glass in timber windows. The tower on the building is unique and features in our own logo.

The photos included show some of the building works we undertook to the structure while it was being refurbished in the 1990’s.

We understand the building was formerly associated with the Abbey and possibly used as a school room. If you at any time attended, or used this building prior to the 1990’s, we would be interested to hear from you about it. Also, if you have any written records, photographs (showing internal or external views) of the building, these would also help us document the history of the building to conserve it for the future.

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