Mr Bates v The Post Office

The power of TV and the latest drama based on the Post Office I.T. scandal appear to have had a great impact on the Nation as well as on the British Government.

There are so many human stories captured in this powerful drama stretching over 20 years, a real David and Goliath. Here is a drama that is still unfolding.

But in the Bible, we have a great array of dramas, told by Jesus. Why? Well, because often we make sense of the world through everyday stories of everyday life, and that was something Jesus knew all about. Jesus also confirmed himself as Messiah through the miracles he performed. But, through his parables, Jesus could bring out deep spiritual lessons using everyday events; they helped his listeners, and that includes us, to find meaning and a sense of purpose to their and our lives; to see our heavenly Father and his purpose with us and for us.

As entertaining as Mr Bates v The Post Office was, there are differences: –

Mr Bates v The Post Office                                          Jesus’s Stories#

This story won’t save you                                             His stories will save you

This story will be forgotten                                          His story will give your life meaning

 # [The Good Samaritan-Luke 10:25-37; The Rich Fool-Luke 12:16-21; The Prodigal Son-Luke 15:11-32; Lazarus raised from the dead-John 11:1-44; Jesus’ Resurrection-Matthew 28:1-10].

All these parables and events were told 2000 years ago, yet they still resonate today, as if told yesterday. Why? Because Jesus’ stories and miracles suspend order; they mesmerise and generate questions and more; even today.

Mr Bates v the Post office will soon be forgotten, but not God’s word.

So why not open your Bible and immerse yourselves in a drama that will save you; the word of God; Gods drama should not to be missed in 2024.

Which story or which drama is worth reading and following, Mr Bates or the Bible? I think we know the answer to that question don’t we.


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(the catalyst for this story is adapted from BBC Radio 4 ‘Thought for the day’)



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