Bible Prophecy shows that the Bible cannot have been written just by man, but only under the inspiration of God; and quite rightly so.  However, how do we know these things were written before they happened?’ Well, one of the greatest proofs of the fulfilment of Bible prophecy is the Jewish nation.  The prophecies of their return to the Land of Israel in 1948 are numerous and there can be no doubt these were written well before they happened. But what about other prophesies?

One book of the Bible which features a number of prophecies is the book of Daniel, especially Daniel chapter 2 and the image that the king of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar, had in a dream and its graphical depiction of world history.  We can also find other prophecies which talk about a King of the north and the south.  This prophecy has so much detail that we can link to historical events, that we can have no doubt that it must have been inspired.  But what if they weren’t written before the events?  Many critics claim the book of Daniel was not written by a Jewish exile in the courts of Babylon and Persia, but at a much later date, after the events prophesied.  If that was the case, the credibility of the Bible would be gone.

Essentially, the evidence of ‘modern’ archaeology shows that the descriptions of the Court of Babylon during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar (the division into magicians, astrologers, sorcerers and Chaldeans, in Daniel 2:2; and the musical instruments and list of officials in chapter 3), are completely accurate.  The problem for the critics of this is, is that it shows the book was either written at the time of the Babylonian Empire (as only someone living at that time would know these things), or it could be written now, as archaeology has only just revealed these details.  It could not have been written in the 2rd or 3rd Century BC, as the critics claimed, as the archaeological evidence they would need to be able to write with this accuracy, was not available and the writer would not know these details.

From the study of ancient manuscripts, we know Daniel was written way before these details were rediscovered. Therefore, it must have been written during the time of the Babylonian Empire and not at some later date. With the evidence that is now available to us, there can be no doubt that these Bible prophecies were written before they were fulfilled, under inspiration of God!

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