Currently the news is all about the Tory Leadership Ballot for the Conservative party and subsequent Prime minister. Ukraine is off the front page but still there. Who is going to win Truss or Sunak?

As Christadelphians we accept the Bible as our guide. We turn to it to hear God’s voice. But what relevance does the Bible have for the contentious public policy issues we face today? Although the Bible does not always speak explicitly about modern contemporary issues, it does give us guiding principles, which we need, now more than ever.

These prospective leaders are all offering us promises they can’t keep; tax cuts, ways of managing inflation. Jam today to be paid back whenever. Yet the Bible is different. It offers us greater freedom, exhorting us to let our Yes be Yes and our No be No (Matthew 5:37). What else can we control?

Our faith can have no partnership with politics and that is why, as Christadelphians we take the choice not to vote. Why? Well because God: “…rules in the kingdom of men, giving it to whom so ever He will, and sets over it the lowest of men” (Daniel 4:17). Hope is seen in Jesus, God’s Son. Did he say one thing and mean another? Would a politician or a Chancellor of the exchequer die for you?! Jesus did. His words were never duplicitous….

Every Sunday morning, we begin our breaking of bread meeting with a consideration of the commandments of Christ and there are so many of them. But this one particularly resonates for us at this time:

“Beware lest the cares of life or the allurements of pleasure weaken his hold on your heart”. (Commandments of Christ based on Matthew 24:44).

Even now as we listen to the rhetoric of politicians, we should be able to see which words are worthy and which are not.

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