MARCH 2022


When we take the time to stop and ponder the world in which we live, we behold the wonder & beauty of it. From the gardens most of have to the public open spaces in towns, and for those able to travel who can find vistas of rivers, lakes, hills, dales, mountains, and stunning costal scenery etc.

We are all blessed beyond measure. But do we ponder the intricate design of plants, animals, and mammals, etc. that inhabit our world? A world that generally works in harmony, and balance. Not forgetting to mention the human body itself.

Why do you think the meaning & reason for life on the beautiful earth is?

Is there more to life that we first realise?

How can we find the answers to those question?

God gives us the answers and tells us that everything we see in the world around us is confirmation that he exists.

But what should we do with that knowledge?

We have two choices: –

1 – To investigate what God has told us in his revelation to us, or

2 – To just take advantage and have a good time while we live.

Shrewsbury Christadelphians would like to share God’s message to everyone who would like to know. Would you?

If so, you can contact us for more information, or join us for our weekly Bible truth talks on Sundays at 1.30pm, held in our hall Off Monkmoor Road, Shrewsbury or you can join us via Zoom. Please contact us for digital access.

See our website for more information, to contact us, view a selection of recent Bible truth talks/videos, along with much more information.

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