FEB 2022


Light is good, darkness is bad.

But we see in the beginning in Genesis 1:2 that, “…darkness was over the face of the deep”

Gods first act of creation was separating darkness from light.

Winter is a funny time, it’s characterised by darkness, long dark cold nights, fog, snow and short cold days (this year may be odd with hot days too).

Dec 21st is a key date, it’s the shortest day and from this point on dark nights get shorter; one minute per night as we rush towards summer…. Ooh!

However as to whether darkness is a bad thing; well, is it?

The word doesn’t really totally enforce that view on deeper exploration.

  • Seeds germinate and grow in darkness.
  • Darkness saved Israel when they left Egypt; it was a key plague in Exodus 10:21, 12:12, 29, but was a part of many of the events of Israel’s leaving Egypt (Exodus 12:31 and 14:20).
  • Lazarus heard his name called by Jesus in the darkness of the grave (John 11:43)
  • Paul’s conversion happened over three days while he was in the darkness of blindness (Acts 9:9).
  • Jacob, in his pilgrimage (Genesis 28:11), was in a dark place, afraid, separated from his mother and father; penniless and the sun had set. In that time of darkness, he sought the house of the Lord.

Where do we go in our darkness? Do we reside in our own strength? It got Jacob nowhere.

Turn on the light of the Word, so you can see where you’ve been and where you are going.

Let’s switch the light on. In Psalm 23, we read: “The lord is my shepherd, I shall not want… He leads me beside still waters…..”.

Let’s open our eyes to the Lord, so that he can truly inform our pilgrimage, and recognise that, surprise surprise, darkness can be a creative place and time, where the mystery of God’s profound love can find its home in our hearts.

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