DEC 2021


Shrewsbury Christadelphians would like to wish you a peaceful Christmas & New Year.

Christmas as we know it today, has been corrupted and commercialised from the Truth contained in the Bible mainly by the major religions of Christendom. Our aim at Shrewsbury Christadelphians is to share with those who wish to listen, the true knowledge that will make one wise unto salvation. This involves worshipping the true and living God as he revealed Himself to us in His Holy Bible. Not using tradition, reason, experience, or what we think they might say.

Christendom has become so entrenched in erroneous doctrine it is currently very difficult to find Bible truth. But the Christadelphians believed we are closer than all mainstream religions…

The good news this Christmas time is, we are happy to share that message from the Bible. It is free. Life changing. Life enabling. Life enlightening. Furthermore, it promises life eternal for those who believe, are baptised, and who follow Christ faithfully until he comes.

Most people will see or hear some symbology of Jesus Christ this Christmas time through, nativities, carol singing, Church visits, etc. But the Bible tells us Jesus will physically return to the earth soon, to commence the establishment of Gods Kingdom here, not in heaven. At that point the door of opportunity for everyone will no longer be available.

This is the true message that Christmas brings which you would do well to heed, as unto a light that shines in a dark place.

Would you like to know more about us and what we believe? If so, you can contact us for more information, or join us for our weekly Bible truth talks on Sundays at 1.30pm, held in our hall Off Monkmoor Road, Shrewsbury or you can join us digitally via Zoom. Please contact us for digital access.

See our website for more information, to contact us, view a selection of recent Bible truth talks/videos, along with much more information.

Bible truth videos are also available on our YouTube channel Shrewsbury Christadelphians – YouTube



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