During this last year or so lots of people would have been doing DIY to keep busy during the pandemic. The most popular hammers have two uses. One end for applying force (knocking) the other end is used to remove things (pulling).

People can be like hammers. They like to knock things and cause trouble anyway they can. They are happy to sit back and critique rather than do things. Be it people, events, work, leisure, etc.

Other people can be the opposite. They like to pull people together, collaborate, unite, and ensure that Godly principles are used and demonstrated in their live and their interaction with others.

You may well ask what are Godly principles? According to scripture in James we read: –

James Ch 2 v 8 – If you really keep the royal law found in Scripture, “Love your neighbour as yourself,” you are doing right. (NIV)

In other words, we should deal with people as we would like them to deal with us.

We all have life choices to make each day, which affect those around us and those we interact with. Which part of a hammer will you be like today, tomorrow, and thereafter?

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