August is one of the busiest months in the arable farmer’s year as he harvests his crops. He has cultivated, sown and fertilised them hoping for a good yield.

Throughout his ministry, Jesus brought out spiritual principles by speaking to his audience on subjects that they would be familiar with; the sower sowing his seed which produced differing harvest amounts, some thirty, some sixty and some a hundred-fold depending on the quality of the ground that the seed was sown in.

Another story Jesus tells is that of a farmer who sows good quality seed in his field but while he sleeps his enemy sows weed seeds in the same field, necessitating the gathering and burning of the weeds at harvest time so that they don’t get harvested with the crop.

No doubt Jesus was a fascinating story teller resulting in his audience being spell bound by the parables they listened to. Even his critics agreed that no man spoke like he did. But Jesus did not want people just to listen to him and do nothing, he wanted them to open their eyes and ears and appreciate the wonderful spiritual lessons that he was trying to make them understand through ordinary everyday things. He wanted them to recognise him as the son of God, the Messiah, the coming king of the Jews. But instead, they chose to pardon Barabbas, a common thief and condemn the saviour of the world.

So next time you see a combine, harvesting in a crop of wheat or barley, remember that Jesus could return very soon, not to harvest a crop of grain but a crop of people; people who have believed and understood his parables and want to have a part in a wonderful kingdom that will be set up on the earth.

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